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Master of Integrative Biology and Physiology

Master of Integrative Biology and Physiology

Master of Integrative Biology and Physiology

The Master of Integrative Biology and Physiology covers a broad disciplinary field, ranging from the biology of aging to pathophysiology, nutrition, marine bio-resources and neuroscience, essential subjects for both fundamental understanding and practical applications.


The aim of the program is to train high-level specialists with the latest concepts in integrative biology. The program trains students to understand the mechanisms that underlie the various physiological and pathological functions from the cell to the body, in animals and in humans. Beyond scientific knowledge, the program allows the acquisition of transversal conceptual and methodological skills which are necessary for professional development and / or the continuation of doctoral studies.


The range of training in the program favors gradual orientation of the students to a specialisation, and leads them either to a professional insertion after the M2 (in sectors such as biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, regulatory agencies, local authorities) or to pursue further studies (doctoral training or alternate further training).

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This mention of Master is open to those wanting to gain high-level training, either in initial éducation or later adult éducation.

The recommended BSc/Licence to gain admission to the M1:

  • Life sciences
  • Life and earth sciences
  • Health Sciences

Access by Validation of Professional Experience ("Validation des Acquis et de l'Expérience") is possible subject to the opinion of a competent evaluation committee. Check with the Continuing Education Department.

The program also accepts students at the M2 level, based on their dossier, students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy as well as engineering students and veterinarians, and those having completed a first year of master in a university which does not offer these specialties.



From mid-April 2018


Anyone wishing to register for the BIP Master must meet the following application requirements:


1. Apply for an online Master's application from mid-April 2018

2. Complete the online application form, accessible automatically at the end of step 1.

3. Submit a completed file with the required supporting documents

Attention: the application is taken into account only from the time the application file is sent by the candidate to the department secretary, with the required supporting documents.

 4. The date of application receipt by the administration is automatically sent to the candidate. Any application not following the standard procedure, after the deadline, or remaining incomplete after requests for further documents by the administration,  will be rejected.

5. If necessary, the examination of the application may be followed up with an interview





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