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Master of Integrative Biology and Physiology


Applications for admission to the master’s course for 2020-21 open on May 13 2020 and close on June 30 2020. 

In accordance with legal requirements (http://www.assemblee-nationale.fr/14/ta-commission/r4276-a0.asp), the admission of new students at the M1 and M2 levels is subject to the examination and acceptance of an application dossier submitted according to the rules laid down in the decree issued by the President of Sorbonne University.  

 The French Minister of Higher Education and Research has set up a website “Trouvermonmaster.gouv.fr”,  which displays the following information: Number of places available, timetable and mode of recruitment for the master’s course.

M1: 130 students

M2: 240 students

The webpage for applications will open on the Sorbonne University website in the week of May 13 and will close on June 30 2020. You can connect to this webpage by clicking on the following link: http://sciences.sorbonne-universite.fr/formation-sciences/candidatures-et-inscriptions/master

The application procedure for the Science, Technology and Health Master’s Program, option Integrative Biology and Physiology (BIP), for current and future Sorbonne University students, can be broken down into several steps:


1.      "Request for an application form" to be completed on line on the Sorbonne University website, to indicate your wishes, on the "e-candidat" application-


2.      "Completion of the educational dossier" via an online form automatically accessible after the completion of step 1. 


3.       Submission of your complete application, together with any justification documents requested, in PDF format.

N.B: Your application does not come into effect until the complete dossier, including the justification documents listed, is submitted.

 4.    The candidate is automatically notified of the date of reception of the dossier by the administration. All dossiers not submitted according to the appropriate procedure, after the deadline, or still incomplete after notification of the administration will be rejected.

5.    In some cases, the examination of the dossier may be followed by an interview.



Medical interns

Medical interns wishing to apply for a place on the M2 course must have validated an M1 in science (e.g. Neurosciences or Cell Biology) from Sorbonne University or another university. Alternatively, they must have validated at least 18 ECTS of M1 teaching during their university training. Medical interns wishing to validate the necessary ECTS may do so by following courses at Sorbonne University. Additional information is available on the webpage dedicated to M1 Neurosciences


 Teaching for M2 may be spread over two years, but in all cases, one semester full-time must be reserved for the research placement for M2S3.

The admission of medical interns is dependent on:

1)  The establishment of a coherent research project enabling the student to tackle a scientific issue involving experimental work, and the analysis and interpretation of data during the six-month placement. The project concerned must not be limited to the simple collection of clinical data.

2) Students are strongly advised to obtain funding (e.g. an FRM, or FERCM grant) to enable them to dedicate all their time to training.    

If you would like advice or help completing the necessary formalities, you should, during the university year preceding your application, contact:
Prof. C. Lubetzki (catherine.lubetzki@aphp.fr) for students wishing to follow the Integrated and Cellular Neurosciences (NCI) course
Prof. Ph.Fossati (philippe.fossati@ahp.fr) for students wishing to follow the Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences (NCC) course.

Once your project has been finalized with Prof. Lubtetzki or Fossati, you should submit your application dossier, within the time window for which the application webpage is open, according to the information available on the master’s course site, to the secretary of the master’s course. Only if these conditions are respected can the educational commission study your application dossier.

Candidates in continuing education

Candidates seeking to return to education or validate their experiential learning (APEL), whether employed or unemployed, with professional experience, and who stopped their initial studies more than two years ago should contact the continuing education service directly. Only if the candidate’s project is validated by the continuing education service will the application dossier be transmitted to the director or directors of the master’s course chosen. The dossier will then be studied by an educational commission, which may accept or refuse it.


E-mail: formation.continue @ sorbonne-universite.fr

Website: http//:www.fc.upmc.fr  



As soon as you receive the automatic e-mail formalizing your acceptance for the BIP master’s program, at the level requested, you can initiate your administrative registration online, by logging onto the site using your identifier and password. A PDF summary document will be generated, which you should print and sign. This document should be sent by post or delivered by hand to the secretary of the master’s degree program, accompanied by the additional documents requested.

Following the reception and processing of this dossier by the secretary, you will receive an e-mail informing you that your request for administrative registration for the university year has been prevalidated.

You can then pay your university fees. For this, you need to return to the “e-scholarity” site, using your identifier and password, click on the “Inscription” (registration) menu, “paiement des droits” (fee payment) , print the receipt detailing the amount due, and choose the mode of payment for your university fees from the proposed list.


You can register for the various course units via the “contrat pédagogique” (educational contract) questionnaire online, which will be set up and sent out by the training department.





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