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Master of Integrative Biology and Physiology

General Organization of the Masters

General Organization of the Masters

M1: please note that all courses and lectures are in French

M2: please note that not ALL courses are in English


The Master's program "Integrative Biology and Physiology" leads a diploma in Master of Sciences, Technologies, Health of the University Pierre and Marie Curie, with the title of the chosen speciality.

The Master is 2 years (M1 and M2), i.e. 4 semesters (M1S1, M1S2, M2S3 and M2S4).


The Examination Charter defines the rules for the organization of examinations common to all UPMC programs.

M1S1 : 30 ECTS

Common Core:

6 foundational UEs (24 ECTS) including 1 technology workshop,

1 UE of English in science,

1 UE of professional insertion

1 optional UE  (6 ECTS)

The UEs of the Common Core M1S1

M1S2 : 30 ECTS

orientation UE (18 ECTS) + 2 month Internship in France or abroad, with a poster presentation  (12ECTS)

M2S3 : 30 ECTS

UEs specific to the Program

M2S4 : 30 ECTS

Long-term internship (6 months) in France or abroad, written report and oral defense


The Student Health Handicap Service - SHSE

The SHSE is dedicated to the integration and accompaniment of disabled students or students with a health problem. Students with disabilities should contact the SHSE located at Round 22-33 Level 4; tel 01 44 27 75 15


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