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Master of Integrative Biology and Physiology

M1 - Integrative Biology and Physiology

Please note that all courses and lectures are in French

1st semester

The first semester of the first year (M1S1) proposes a common 18 ECTS foundation for all students, one orientation UE (6 ECTS) and one optional UE (6 ECTS). The objective of the modules proposed is to ensure all undergraduate students have similar levels of knowledge and complete their basic training. These transdisciplinary teaching units range from the cellular to the integrated so that the student can acquire solid foundations in the broad field of biology, placing particular emphasis on a solid training in cell and molecular biology which are particularly essential in physiology.

UEs proposed in the first semester

2nd semester

In the second semester (M1S2), a specific complementary education allows students to choose an orientation that they will pursue as a specialty in the second year.

 During this semester, students follow a mandatory UE "Introduction to Research" (3 ECTS), common to all 6 specialties. This UE is linked to a laboratory internship in France (2 months) or abroad (3 months), in public or private laboratories. Students will be oriented according to their scientific interest to one of the host teams of the master.

Students will prepare a report of their internship in the form of a poster which will be presented during the M1 Poster Day. This presentation is graded by a jury of faculty from each of the specialties.


The proposed UEs for each orientation are as follows:

Marine Biology and Bioresources - 30 ECTS

Aging and Longevity - 30 ECTS

Neurosciences - 30 ECTS

Nutrition, Quality and Health - 30 ECTS

Physiology, Metabolism and Human Pathophysiology - 30 ECT

Systems Biology - 30 ECTS






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