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Parcours International Biologie des organismes marins : bases fondamentales et appliquées

Biology of marine organisms:  fundamental and applied bases

Responsable : Yves DESDEVISES

The University of Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC, Paris, France) is offering an international master program within the Master of Integrative Biology  and in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (UB, Spain) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Santiago (PUC, Chile). A portion of the coursework in marine biology, will take place at two of the UPMC marine stations: in Banyuls-sur-mer (on the Mediterranean Sea) and in Roscoff (on the English Channel).

This program addresses both fundamental and applied aspects of the integrative biology of marine organisms, offering valuable practical knowledge and experience to those students interested in careers in fundamental research as well as in applied fields (biotechnology, aquaculture, ...).

Participants in this international master program will be selected from each partner university, and will benefit from additional financial support.


Pour en savoir plus, consultez : Les parcours internationaux sur le site de l'UPMC


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